Freight Discounts FAQ

Freight shipping is a great way to cut costs and maintain control over rising shipping rates. A typical freight order can take as few as 48 hours from inquiry to pickup, and can potentially save hundreds of dollars compared to traditional Ground Rates.

We rely on our manufacturer to drop-ship, so timing is incredibly important for fast turnaround. Our cutoff for next day pickup is 3pm EST sharp. Meaning, we need the invoice paid and BOL in-hand by 3pm today, for pickup tomorrow.

We require you, the customer, to setup freight and provide us with the BOL needed to ship your mailers. It’s pretty simple and we’re more than happy to help you get setup. A simple solution is to use a freight broker such as or They offer competitive quotes from which you can choose, based on your budget and delivery needs. Most residential addresses qualify.

V03 Pricing

Each Total
500 $1.20 $600.00
1000 $1.10 $1,100.00
2000 $1.10 $2,200.00
5000 $1.08 $5,400.00
10000 $1.05 $10,500.00
20000 $1.03 $20,600.00


Our original V01 Whiplash LP Mailer ships in multiples of 1,000, while both our V03 and Jumbo Mailers ship in multiples of 500. 

Orders above 7,500 *may* require additional lead time. 


For inquiries, please email us at